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Jeremy Howard

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Jeremy Howard
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How he impacted me?

Great predictive modeling is an important part of the solution, but it no longer stands on its own; as products become more sophisticated, it disappears into the plumbing.

Designing great data products

And he is also famous for words. Here are some.

we’re going to try and use that to really understand what’s going on. So to warn you, none of it is rocket science but a lot of its going to look really new. So don’t expect to get it the first time but expect to listen and jump into the notebook try a few things test things out look particularly at like tensor shapes and inputs and outputs to check your understanding then go back and listen again. But and kind of try it, a few times, because you will get there right, it’s just that there’s going to be a lot of new concepts because we haven’t done that much stuff in pure Pytorch.

Lesson 6: Deep Learning 2019