Fine Grained Classification

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Fine Grained Classification
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Finally you can solve the mystery behind this weird drawing.. through this course.

juptyer notebook magic

%reload_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2
%matplotlib inline

this is special directives to jupyter notebook, not python code. And it is called ‘magics’ (but i think jeremy is magicion)

  • If somebody changes underlying library code while I’m running this, please reload it automatically
  • If somebody asks to plot something, then please plot it here in this Jupyter Notebook

Don’t hesitate to import start~

Digging into untar_data,

Union[pathlib.Path, str]: typed programming language? -> maybe i think disclaim the type beforehand for sure.

Q. like assert?

this is some module that made because os.listdir(‘path’) is unconvinient.

Python3 pathlib library!