Current Difficulties

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Reading list

Open Source

  • The (written) unwritten guide to pull requests July 25, 2019 - (and this blog has lots of good articles)
  • Fastai contribution guide
  • Fastai test guide 1


  • What is CUDA? 9.0, 10.0, 10.1 what differs? why torch conflicts when using not corresponded version?

  • How colab is limiting the GPU for colab pro user? - / so suppose I’m implementing a model and should I wait until virtually use GPU? / How awful the resource is if I use GPU all the time? 2

![] - insert picture of nvidia-smi and menu of change runtime type

Container (a.k.a. kubernetes/docker .. )

  • Julia Evan’s article of container -

As a Researcher

Thu 21. May. 2020 Q. why clone using https is recommended?

Q. Why there is no changing remote from https to https / ssh <-> ssh? reference git pro document

Q. how to evaluate TPU spec with GPU? what criterion?


  1. wanted to run test to see specific example, reading document but couldn’t (crying) 

  2. BTW, are GPUs at Casablanca? Why a timezone matches it?